2014 New Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo

Thursday, February 13th 2014. | Car Reviews, New Models

Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo Front

Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki, returning the car to present the latest version of the Suzuki Alto, the emergence of the inaugural 2014 New Suzuki Alto Krescendo, during the 2014 India Auto Expo. Having heard the news Suzuki alto will be replaced by Suzuki Celerio, then with it comes the Alto with a more sytlis. 2014 New Suzuki Alto Krescendo

New Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo – Exterior

2014 New Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo, the changes are very visible on the exterior of the Suzuki Alto 2014 looks more stylish, stylis, and memorable to young children. Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo comes with exterior design that is not much different, but the difference with the presence of patterned decal design music symbols. Exterior, Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo, was created with the concept of a fusion between cars and music, that’s the reason why the whole body of the Suzuki Alto Krescendo dominated by a bandage decal with music symbols.

New Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo – Interior

While in the interior, the 2014 Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo, comes with a bandage color matching the color of the color used on the exterior of the New Suzuki Alto Krescendo, namely orange and crem old. Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo interior, is also changing in part by the presence of some additional multimedia sound system, to match the theme of being taken for 2014 Suzuki Alto Krescendo.

Suzuki Alto K10 Krescendo

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