Cars 2014 New Ford-F150 2015 With Aluminum Frame

Wednesday, December 25th 2013. | Car Reviews, News

New Ford-F150 2015

Ford will soon introduce a car All-New F-Series is the newest in the Detroit Auto Show to be held in January 2014, the latest Cars Ford F-Series will be named Ford-F150 2015, this new car will be equipped with an aluminum frame. Cars 2014 New Ford-F150 2015 With Aluminum Frame

Ford-F150 2015 With Aluminum Frame – Interior & Engine

Cars 2014 Ford F150-2015 is a development of the concept car Ford Atlas. In making the latest car 2014 All-New F-Series, Ford is working with the company Alcoa Inc. is engaged in the manufacture of military equipment. Aluminum frames are used Ford-F150 2015 will make Ford pickup truck up to 340 kg lighter than its predecessor.

On the exterior, the Ford-F150 2015 experienced a change in the design of the front grille and on desan pick up truck and windshield design. New Ford F150 in 2015 was higher than the previous Ford-F150.

Cars 2014 Ford F150 2015 will be equipped with 2.7-liter Ecoboost engine combined with the new 10-speed transmission and light-duty truck hybrid system, with a more economical fuel consumption of about 7.8 l/100 km.

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